no pollyanna

I just typed and deleted what would have been a long, but very honest revelation of how this particular Monday sucked so badly that I’ve considered all of the following at one or more points throughout the day: terminating at least one friendship, telling off a family member, quitting my job, pulling my son from his school or selling him into child slavery, and lastly, writing into the Dr. Phil show for help. He usually pays for some type of rehab or soul-searching center for his guests; surely there’s one with more spa and less 12-steps that would fit me nicely. The point is, I don’t want to review my day in disgusting detail because it sucked. I really just want to disprove any misconception that, based on my recent musings, I am living one glorious day after another up here in the clouds. When my level of perspective is at its peak then yes, it’s true that life is really that good. But today, my friends, today I am not my highest self. Today I am taking the low road because that is where I can drive like an asshole. Today I find myself surrounded by ignorance and inconsideration, and instead of looking for the silver lining, putting myself in another’s shoes or any other crappy cliche, the only thing I’m capable of is a mild amount of self-restraint in the form of not actually doing any of the things I listed earlier. Because sometimes people are just inconsiderate and ignorant and quite frankly I didn’t have the required amount of exercise or caffeine today that would give me the energy I needed to find the damned silver lining. So I’m embracing my own inner asshole and I’m going to bed mad.

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