don’t judge a song by its meaning

Or do, because lyrics and song meanings are great. I’ve certainly obsessed over numerous otherwise talentless songs based on their lyrics alone, that’s for sure. And then there are others whose lyrics I’ve altered to suit my current needs, like when I was pregnant with Kellan and “Party In The USA” became the more profane “Party In My Uterus.” Good luck ever hearing that song the same way again.

In any case, I recently stumbled across a band called The Vespers who were quite impersonally referred to me by Apple via their clever iTunes Genius Recommendations. I’ve been a devoted listener of these mournful, banjo-playing sisters for months now. Only just this week when I went Googling for lyrics to my favorite tune, “Better Now,” did I realize that they are unmistakably a Christian band. Since I have a policy against discussing religion or politics with anyone who doesn’t love me unconditionally, I won’t go there now. But suffice it to say that how this band snuck its way into my music library is downright religulous!

As I continued to read about how “He saved my soul” (how did I miss this the first twenty times I heard it??), I couldn’t ignore how, despite the disconnect I was now feeling from the words, the music lifted me up. The singer in me loved the soulful puppy-like howling sound of the chorus, and the Nashville girl in me loved the banjo plucking. Bottom line: I’m embracing the sound if not the message.

Maybe you can dig it too, but if nothing else take my experience as a reminder to free your mind every chance you get, especially this Independence Day.

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